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More doctors have switched to Cesium Blu in the last 12 months than ever before.

Not all brachytherapy radioisotopes are the same. Cesium Blu, Cs-131, offers you a powerful option for treating prostate and other cancers throughout the body. 

Modern brachytherapy starts here.

With higher energy and a shorter half-life than competitors, Cesium Blu is proven to be a highly customized and effective treatment for the rapid recovery of patients in the fight against prostate cancer.

Years of Data

Patients Treated

Day Half Life

“Cesium provides everything we want for prostate brachytherapy as both a monotherapy and in combination therapy, including delivery of a high dose of radiation more quickly for high risk patients in a low dose rate ‘setting.’” 

Dr. Bernard W. Taylor

Texas Oncology - Longview Cancer Center

The Data is In.

With 10+ years of data and a range of studies, over 14,000+ patients have experienced the power of Cesium Blu for treating cancer. 

Building Awareness Nationwide

Isoray’s innovative awareness programs for in-office materials and online communities are reaching thousands of patients a year. All clinicians have access to these materials to help patients understand their treatment options and find a Cesium Blu Brachytherapy professional in their local area.