University of Kentucky Radiation Oncologists Use Brachytherapy to Lead the Fight Against Gynecologic Cancer

Dr. Marcus Randall and Dr. Jonathan Feddock have a decades-long history in fighting cervix and vaginal cancer and have a unique specialization in recurrent cancers and re-irradiation treatments. Both are strong believers in interstitial brachytherapy and permanent...
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Leading Prostate Cancer Expert Delivers Insight on Most Effective Treatment

With over thirty years of experience treating prostate cancer expert and pioneer Dr. David Schreiber shares his opinion on his preferred treatment—Brachytherapy—and how this radioactive seed implant technology combined with the latest isotope, Cesium-131, has resulted...
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4 Options—1 Choice: Advice from a Prostate Cancer Pioneer on Navigating Treatment

Dr. Steven Kurtzman, a pioneer in Brachytherapy treatment, shared his insights here on what he feels is the best path forward in charting a path towards successful prostate cancer treatment. With a career-long focus on combating this deadly disease, Dr. Kurtzman...
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Discussing Value-Based Curative Surgical Option for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer at STS 2017

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons Annual Meeting is the pinnacle of scientific education and new research results delivery in the global cardiothoracic community. Included within this community are the surgeons treating lung cancer patients. Through this lens, Isoray...
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What 2017 has in store for Isoray as we seek to better patient outcomes and broaden our network of champion physicians

The successes Isoray Medical celebrated, and the milestones attained in 2016, have set a strong foundation that will allow us to catapult forward into 2017. We expect to continue to build on these successes in 2017, as we leverage our new web presence to share the...
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Cs-131 is a favorable isotope for use across a wide range of tumors and its dose distribution properties facilitate easy calculation and use in the clinic. Dr. Voichita Bar-Ad

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Women’s Cancer and Cesium-131 Treatments

Topic of Two Presentations at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the American Brachytherapy Society and World Congress of Brachytherapy RICHLAND, Wash., July 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — IsoRay Inc. (NYSE MKT:ISR), a medical technology company and innovator in seed brachytherapy...

IsoRay Appoints Thomas LaVoy as CEO

Richland, WA January 14, 2016 – IsoRay Inc. (NYSE MKT:ISR), a medical technology company and innovator in seed brachytherapy and medical radioisotope applications for the treatment of prostate, brain, lung, head and neck and gynecological cancers, today announced the...