Biological effectiveness dose and convenience: Why Cesium-131 is the LDR brachytherapy isotope of choice for Dr. Bradley Prestidge.

Dr. Bradley Prestidge, MD, MS, serves as Regional Medical Director of Radiation Oncology for Bon Secours Medical Group in Norfolk, Va. During the American Brachytherapy Society 2018 Annual Meeting, Dr. Prestidge shared with us his opinion on brachytherapy’s top...

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Capitalizing on the same value ASTRO provides for radiation oncologists to connect with peers in a concentrated way, we invite the entire community to visit the Isoray team at ASTRO 2018.

Dr. John Sylvester Explores the Many Advantages of the Prostate Brachytherapy Procedure Over Surgery at ABS 2018

According to Dr. Sylvester, brachytherapy provides many advantages over surgery for prostate cancer treatment. This underscores the importance of prostate cancer patients becoming aware of brachytherapy as a treatment option.

Dr. Moran, Improving Personalization and Confidence in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr. Brian J. Moran, Medical Director for the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, stresses the importance of customizing each and every patient’s cancer treatment. “This disease is a spectrum disease,” says Moran.

Brachytherapy: An Innovative Disruptor

Dr. Brian Moran, Medical Director for the Chicago Prostate Center, discusses the value of low-dose rate brachytherapy and its disruptive innovation in the cancer treatment field at ABS 2018.

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Cs-131 is a favorable isotope for use across a wide range of tumors and its dose distribution properties facilitate easy calculation and use in the clinic. Dr. Voichita Bar-Ad

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

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Dr. Brian J. Moran, Awareness in Action and Sky High Referral Rates

“Today, over 85% of our [low-dose rate brachytherapy] patients are referred from former, satisfied patients,” says Moran. Because of this, Dr. Moran recognizes the value of brachytherapy in the community and the awareness in action. Former patients have even a monthly support group meeting that Dr. Moran and his Director of Research and Education attend.