Patient Stories

Sex After Brachytherapy

Following many prostate cancer treatment options, sexual recovery takes time. Many men experience difficulty having and maintaining an erection, and orgasm feels qualitatively different. However, for prostate cancer survivor Dave Ricordati, these negative side effects are absent after brachytherapy treatment.

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Prostate Cancer Survivor, Dave Ricordati, Tells His Story

Like many men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dave knew very little about the prostate, what his diagnosis would entail, and most importantly, his options for treatment.

Due to his experience, with his treatment behind him and PSA levels normalized, he takes every chance he can get to talk to men who have been newly diagnosed with prostate cancer. “I think that is what I can do best for men: let them know my experience,” says Dave. “Be informed, have the facts, and then they can make their own decision.”

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