ABS 2017 Insights and Takeaways

Dr. Kaplan encouraged the brachytherapy community to show comparable or better outcomes and lower total cost of care to reverse the trend in declining utility of brachy. Taking a more holistic look at the future of healthcare delivery as a whole, Dr. Kaplan said, “You should only be practicing in places where you deliver superior outcomes at lower cost.”

We couldn’t agree more.

These points, in combination with our hosted luncheon focusing on marketing strategies and tactics to promote the value of brachytherapy to multiple stakeholders (patients, communities and referring physicians), have created a powerful foundation for the resurgence of brachytherapy in the near future.

Our Patient’s Stories

Our Presentation

Brachytherapy in the era of value-based care: Are you top referrers hiding in plain sight?

Access presentation slideshows from Dr. Alex Hsi, Mike Krachon and Paul Snyder on Brachytherapy in the era of value-based care: Are your top referrers hiding in plain sight?

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“I am a huge believer in Brachytherapy. It is the best option in treating prostate cancer.”

Dr. Steven Kurtzman, MD

Director of Prostate Radiation, El Camino Hospital’s Center of Advanced Radiation Therapy

“Perminent Interstitial Brachytherapy with Cesium-131 should atleast be considered for any woman presented with a local recurrence of gynecological cancer.”

Dr. Jonathan Feddock, MD

Assistant Professor of Radiation Medicine, UK Healthcare

Brachytherapy in the Era of Value-Based Care: An ABS Luncheon

Thursday, April 20th at 11:30AM

Brachytherapy in the era of value-based medicine: are your top referrers hiding in plain sight?

We invite you to join us join us for lunch to discuss brachytherapy in the era of value-based medicine. The presentation will include perspectives from patients, physicians, industry & healthcare marketing. The discussion will provide a holistic look at the alignment opportunities and tactics to communicate the value of brachytherapy.

Industry expert panelists:

  • Alex Hsi, Radiation Oncologist at Peninsula Cancer Center
  • Michael Krachon, former Chairman, Coalition for the Advancement of Brachytherapy, VP Sales and Marketing Isoray Medical
  • Paul Snyder, VP Healthcare, Write2Market

The Fight Against Gynecological Cancer: An Evening Dinner Presentation

Thursday, April 20th at 7PM

Radiation Oncologists Use Brachytherapy to Lead the Fight Against Gynecologic Cancer.

Join Isoray as we host Dr. Jonathan Feddock, Assistant Professor of Radiation Medicine for the University of Kentucky Healthcare. He will discuss his recent successes with Cesium-131 in the treatment of gynecological cancers. This presentation on Permanent Interstitial Brachytherapy will provide some insight on techniques that prove useful to oncologist treating recurrent gynecological cancers.