Investor FAQ

1. On which exchange is IsoRay, Inc listed?

IsoRay is listed on the NYSE MKT and trades under the ticker symbol “ISR”.

2. When did IsoRay, Inc go public?

IsoRay went public in 2005.

3. Who is the transfer agent for IsoRay, Inc.?

T: 1-800-962-4284
462 S. 4th St., Louisville, KY 40202

4. What is the CUSIP number for IsoRay, Inc. common stock?

IsoRay’s CUSIP number is 46489V104.

5. Where is IsoRay, Inc. incorporated?

IsoRay, Inc. is incorporated in Minnesota.

6. Where is IsoRay, Inc. headquartered?

IsoRay’s corporate headquarters and operations of the Company’s main operating subsidiary, IsoRay Medical Inc., are located at 350 Hills Street, Suite 106, Richland WA  99354.

7. Do you pay dividends or is there a reinvestment plan?

IsoRay does not currently pay dividends on its common stock.

8. How can I replace my lost stock certificate?

Please contact IsoRay’s transfer agent, Computershare.

9. If my address changes, whom should I notify?

IsoRay Corporate Secretary
Call us at 1-509-375-1202

10. When is IsoRay’s fiscal year­ end?

IsoRay’s fiscal year end is June 30.

11. Who are IsoRay’s independent auditors?

DeCoria Maichel & Teague
7307 N Division Street
Suite 222
Spokane, WA  99208

12. Who do I contact with additional questions?

For additional information please contact Investor Relations:
Mark Levin
Global IR Group
(501) 255-1910

13. Do you have any other information? A few thoughts, we tend to get requests for the following formation:

IsoRay, Inc.

IsoRay Medical, Inc.

CUSIP 46489V104  
DUNS 10-751-2022 11-357-7485
NAICS 334517, 339110 334517, 339110
State of incorporation Minnesota Delaware
Date of incorporation 07-13-1983 06-15-2004
Federal TIN 41-1458152 20-1361282

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