The fight to raise awareness and the patient-friendly nature of brachytherapy.

Welcome to the Isoray’s Prostate Cancer Connect Podcast! Each episode of the series, Dr. John Sylvester and featured guests will be talking in-depth about the current status and advancements in brachytherapy for prostate cancer treatment.

How do we find the right awareness vehicle at the right time for patients? How do we respond to shifting or urgent demands for the procedure and the associated resources?

On this episode, Dr. Sylvester is joined by Isoray’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Krachon as they discuss brachytherapy from an industry standpoint. Krachon provides an in-depth discussion on how he and other industry professionals are striving to raise awareness of brachytherapy among men as a viable treatment and increase training among physicians. They also discuss ways to address challenges including declining use of brachytherapy despite strong outcomes data, swift side effect resolution and the future they envision for the treatment.

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