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Isoray Collaborates with MIM Software to Deliver an Advanced Treatment Solution for Recurrent Head and Neck Cancers

Feb 5, 2020

Bundled Treatment Program Provides New Opportunities For
Treating Physicians and Patients Facing Limited Options

RICHLAND, WASHINGTON – February 5, 2020 – Isoray, Inc. (NYSE American: ISR) today announced an executed agreement with MIM Software to deliver a novel one-stop-provides-all program to treat head and neck cancer. The new offering bundles MIM’s software technology and Isoray’s industry leading Cesium BluTM, also known as Cesium-131, brachytherapy expanding treatment options and access for physicians and patients. Cesium Blu brachytherapy delivers a highly targeted treatment to the site of the disease, preserving healthy tissue and organs.

Bringing together Isoray’s Cesium Blu brachytherapy seeds in mesh with MIM Software’s powerful brachytherapy treatment planning software provides physicians with all the anatomical information they need to effectively place the Cesium Blu seeds exactly where they are needed to treat the patient’s cancer. Available now, the inclusive offering streamlines adoption of both the Cesium Blu brachytherapy treatment and MIM’s planning software to deliver an economically feasible option for facilities and physicians treating head and neck cancers.

Isoray CEO Lori Woods said this is an important development in the treatment of head and neck cancers. “Our initiative with MIM Software represents another step forward in the treatment of hard to treat cancers. As the industry leader in brachytherapy, we are committed to providing the best ways to bring new and efficient treatment solutions to clinicians and the patients they treat. We believe this new brachytherapy treatment package will make an important contribution to achieving that goal because it expands physician and patient access to a cutting-edge approach to the treatment of head and neck cancers.”

MIM Software is committed to enhancing patient care by providing customer-focused and innovative solutions. MIM Software Chief Scientific Officer Jon Piper said, “This agreement represents an exciting opportunity to reach more clinicians performing emerging brachytherapy head and neck treatments. We remain committed to developing software that enhances patient care and helps make optimal treatment options available to patients and the physicians who treat them.”

Cesium Blu brachytherapy attacks targeted cancers aggressively. It features a short half-life and a shorter treatment duration than other isotope treatments, potentially reducing complications for the patient that can come from prolonged radiation exposure. The short duration of radiation also contributes to a rapid resolution of side effects and allows patients to return to their normal lives quickly.


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Isoray, Inc., through its subsidiary, Isoray Medical, Inc., is the sole producer of Cesium-131, also known as Cesium BluTM, brachytherapy seeds, which are expanding brachytherapy treatment options throughout the body. The medical technology company is an innovator in seed brachytherapy powering expanding treatment options throughout the body for difficult to treat head and neck, brain, gynecological, lung, esophageal, and abdominal wall cancers in addition to prostate cancer. Learn more about this innovative Richland, Washington company and explore the many benefits and uses of Cesium BluTM by visiting Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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MIM Software, Inc. provides practical imaging solutions in the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging, and cardiac imaging. MIM is a privately held company that sells its products globally to imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Learn more by visiting .

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