Episode 2: An in-depth look at the results from ASCENDE-RT and RTOG 0232

Welcome to the Isoray Prostate Cancer Connect Podcast! In each episode of the new podcast series, Dr. John Sylvester and featured guests will talk in-depth about the current status and advancements in brachytherapy for prostate cancer treatment.

In this episode, Dr. John Sylvester is joined by radiation oncologist Dr. Bradley Prestidge as they discuss outcomes data from revelatory prostate brachytherapy studies including ASCENDE-RT and RTOG 0232. They also discuss results and efficacy for brachytherapy across the prostate cancer risk spectrum, low, intermediate and high.

The gist: many urologists believe brachytherapy is best suited for low-risk disease. In fact, the data show brachytherapy is an important modality in terms of prostate cancer-specific survival among high-risk patients.

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