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ABS 2019: Growing Your Practice, Cesium Data & The Power of Blu

Isoray was proud to be a part of yet another annual meeting for the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) in Miami and, as we’ve had some time to process all of the stimulating conversations and unique opportunities that ABS always provides, we’d like to highlight some of our favorite moments and discussions from this year’s event. 

Kicking off ABS 2019 with the Presidential Address from Dr. Peter Orio
Following this year’s theme of “Knowledge is Power: Generating Awareness for Patients and Practitioners”, Dr. Peter Orio delivered a Presidential Address that focused on ways to fortify the future of brachytherapy. Dr. Orio encouraged attendees to use this opportunity to put their heads together and come up with new methods of highlighting the benefits of brachy and leveraging the technology. 

This message aligned perfectly with the focal point of ABS 2019 which was to provide tools to help both physicians and patients be informed of treatment options and have a better understanding of the benefits of brachytherapy as a component of their care. 

Representation of Cesium in data presented 

  • The study, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) followed by Cesium-131 Brachytherapy for Intermediate and High Risk Localized Prostate Cancer, revealed that combination external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) and brachytherapy with Cs-131 may be the optimal treatment for intermediate- to high-risk localized prostate cancer and may minimize side effects. Urinary Bother scores in the group of 31 patients who participated returned to statistical baseline in 3 to 4 months and, while continued follow-up is necessary, early analysis of this experience finds promising disease control and morbidity outcomes for this challenging group of patients. View Abstract.
  • According to the randomized study, Long Term Results from a Prospective Randomized Trial of 131Cs vs 125I Permanent Prostate Brachytherapy, Cesium-131 and Iodine-125 are found to be statistically identical after a very long follow-up in terms of BRFS for low-risk patients. This randomized trial sought to compare the two isotopes and report the biochemical outcomes, concluding that the long term biochemical control with mono-brachytherapy is comparable when utilizing either I-125 or Cs-131 isotope. Therefore, this report supports the continued use of Cs-131 as an effective and comparable alternative isotope. View Abstract.
  • The results of the study, Patient-Reported Bowel Quality of Life with the Combination of Prostate External Beam Radiation, Brachytherapy Boost, and SpaceOAR, showed that SpaceOAR insertion significantly decreased the rectal dose in patients undergoing Cs-131 prostate brachytherapy boost after EBRT. Longer follow-up will confirm if results will lead to decreased late rectal bleeding. View Abstract.
  • GammaTile therapy with Cesium-131 was determined to be a safe and effective re-irradiation strategy for recurrent brain cancer patients according to the study, Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy: Safety Profile of Collagen Tile Brachytherapy in 79 Recurrent, Previously Irradiated Intracranial Neoplasms on a Prospective Clinical Trial. Recently published initial outcomes data and the recently granted FDA clearance suggest this therapy could help expand the treatment options for this difficult group of patients. View Abstract. 

Leveraging digital media to build your practice
Social media can create a bridge between physicians and the patient community, helping them grow their practice and reach a broader audience. We have strived to actively produce fresh, educational content in order to grow our reach on social channels over the past few years because we recognize the value that these content marketing activities can bring to our clinician partners, as well as patients.

This topic was explored in greater detail on Friday of the meeting during the session, “Integrating Social Media into Your Practice”, where speakers discussed the benefits of social media integration in building community awareness and ways that physicians can best utilize these channels to their advantage. 

Introducing The Power of Blu
Isoray officially launched The Power of Blu™ campaign at ABS 2019, introducing a new look and feel for our group of Cesium products. This campaign introduces a new brand identity for our innovative product offerings and focuses on raising awareness of the advances in cancer treatment utilizing brachytherapy with Cesium-131, now known as Cesium Blu™. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the two special events that we hosted and fully embraced this new campaign. You can click here to learn more about The Power of Blu. 

Isoray would also like to thank ABS for hosting this event that continues to bring together so many key players in the space and facilitates such valuable conversations about brachytherapy’s value in the healthcare community. We are proud to pioneer solutions in brachytherapy that help lead to positive patient outcomes and we look forward to attending ABS 2020! 


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