New long-term data show brachytherapy boost improves freedom from biochemical failure outcomes for T3 high-risk prostate cancer by more than eight percent

Radiation oncologists representing the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Chicago recently reported, “LDR-BT, primarily as a boost in conjunction with ADT and EBRT, is not only feasible, but also highly effective in men with cT3a and cT3b high-risk prostate cancer resulting in excellent biochemical control and survival outcomes. LDR-BT boost implantation of patients should be strongly considered for cT3 patients given the merits of trimodality care.”

Specifically, “With a median follow up of 7 years, 7-year rate of FFBF, PCSS, and OS for the entire cohort was 65.2% (±5.6%), 90.1% (±3.6%), and 77.9% (±4.7%), respectively. LDR-BT boost patients achieved a 7-year FFBF rate of 73.5 (±6.5%).”

Prior to this reporting, data on the efficacy of brachytherapy boost for T3 high-risk prostate cancer treatment had been quite limited. You can find the details, methodology and comprehensive data as published in UroToday on August 27, 2018 here.

We are always pleased to see evidence of brachytherapy’s ability to drive outstanding outcomes for high-risk prostate cancer cases. Earlier this year, the Journal of Clinical Oncology reported brachytherapy plus EBRT show similar survival results in high-risk localized prostate cancer.

“Too many men dealing with the challenges of high-risk prostate cancer are still not aware of the different treatment options that are available to them,” said Isoray Vice President Michael L. Krachon. “The time for that to change is long past due. Many of these men could be effectively treated with brachytherapy — in an outpatient setting, at lower overall cost and impact to their long-term quality of life.”

If you are a clinician and would like to know more about the power of Cesium-131 brachytherapy for prostate cancer treatment, or if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and want to know about ALL of your treatment options, contact today.

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

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