Dr. Moran, Improving Personalization and Confidence in Prostate Cancer Treatment

Aug 9, 2018

Dr. Brian J. Moran, Medical Director for the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center, stresses the importance of customizing each and every patient’s cancer treatment.

“This disease is a spectrum disease,” says Moran. “It’s not one-size-fits-all so we have to identify where that patient and his particular disease fits on the spectrum.” Understanding the patient and the severity of their disease is critical when recommending the right treatment for them.

The Chicago Prostate Cancer Center offers a perineal template guided biopsy that allows them to take their treatment customization a step further. This biopsy provides diagnostic data that enables physicians to categorize patients into smaller subsets along the disease spectrum, thereby identifying the most effective treatment plan possible for their individual disease.

“It gives us a more sophisticated implant with a much greater level of confidence,” says Moran. Click the image below to watch.



If you would like to learn more about how brachytherapy improves outcomes for many types of cancer patients, especially prostate cancer patients, contact info@isoray.com.

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