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U.S. News & World Report: Cesium-131 featured in “10 Innovations in Cancer Therapy”

May 16, 2018

We remain excited by the mounting evidence that certain types of recurrent cancerous brain tumors can be effectively treated with Cesium-131 brachytherapy, prolonging survival and improving quality of life at the same time.

From Lisa Esposito and Kristine Crane in U.S. News & World Report last week:

“[Cesium-131] implants provided stable tumor control and limited the risk of radiation side effects, according to the April 2017 Journal ofNeurosurgery study. Cesium-131 brachytherapy implants result in less damage to healthy brain tissue than whole-brain radiation or stereotactic radiosurgery – high-dose, ultraprecise radiation such as Gamma Knife and CyberKnife – says study co-author Dr. Theodore Schwartz, a professor of neurosurgery with New York-Presbyterian and Weill Cornell Medicine.”

See more in U.S. News & World Report here.

Related: “How Janis and Johns Hopkins addressed a stubborn metastatic brain tumor” with Cesium-131 brachytherapy.

“Chemotherapy couldn’t reach the tumor in Janis’ brain, but with brachytherapy we can treat the area and keep the tumor from coming back in that spot,” Lim says. “This way we can prolong survival and enhance quality of life for patients.” Read more.

Study: Cesium delivers 95% local control of treated [brain] tumors.

“We are seeing 95% local control of the treated tumors in our study using surgery and Cesium implants.  In addition, we observed a very low rate of radiation injury, which has been a major concern in the past, for patients who have undergone multiple treatments for their brain tumors. – Dr. David Brachman, Director of Radiation Oncology, Barrow Neurological Institute, Clinical Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Read more.

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