Mike Krachon’s Prostate Cancer Insights from IPCU 2018 in Radiology Today

“Fully understanding the clinical, patient, and, sometimes, economic pathways of this disease are important components of gaining a deeper understanding of the medical community’s needs and perceptions.”

Can a new isotope break through the complex relationship between urologists and brachytherapy? Where are we in the path to highly targeted treatment including biopsies and salvage cases?

Isoray VP of Sales and Marketing shared his insights from the 2018 International Prostate Cancer Update presented by Grand Rounds in Urology earlier this year in Colorado with Radiology Today.

“The treatment of prostate cancer depends on a partnership among multiple specialities, often including urology, radiation oncology, radiology, family medicine, and, at times, a medical oncologist. However, for most patients, the journey to move beyond their cancer starts with their urologist confirming a diagnosis of cancer.”

You can read the quick hitting piece in its entirety here.

If you are a urologist seeking a flexible, forgiving, fast-acting prostate cancer treatment modality, one that can be administered on an outpatient basis in your surgical center or hospital, it’s time to take another look at brachytherapy; specifically Cesium-131. Contact Mike Krachon: mkrachon@isoray.com

“The present study suggests PB with 131Cs can be offered to patients with moderate to severe baseline LUTS and/or large prostate volumes. Despite widespread belief to the contrary, LUTS in these patients were greatly improved by three months post-treatment and approached back-to-baseline levels at 6 months with long term sustainability to five years. Men with moderate to severe pre-treatment voiding symptoms actually had improved voiding symptoms at six months when compared to their baseline.” – Dr. Ron Benoit, MD, Director of General Urology, University of Pittsburgh Medical School

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

With over ten years of data on Cesium Blu, researchers continue to study its value in powering modern brachytherapy.  ASTRO 2020 showcased multiple new e-posters and papers that can now be easily accessed online.   A Matched Pair Analysis Of Clinical Outcomes...

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