Sex After Brachytherapy

“[sex after brachytherapy] is the same for me. Ejaculation and sensation are the same as before.” – Dave Ricordati

Following many prostate cancer treatment options, sexual recovery takes time. Many men experience difficulty having and maintaining an erection, and orgasm feels qualitatively different. However, for prostate cancer survivor Dave Ricordati, these negative side effects are absent after brachytherapy treatment.

Dr. Moran typically tells his patients to wait two weeks before having sex after brachytherapy. “On the 14th day, at first I was nervous,” admits Dave Ricordati. “But of course, it was a regular experience. It’s not really different.”

“The only difference is [semen] – [semen] is now a different texture and fluid. But everything else is the same, the ejaculation and sensations are all the same as before.”