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(No) Incontinence After Brachytherapy

One side effect of many prostate cancer treatment options is possible incontinence. Removing the prostate through surgery or weakening it during external beam radiation disrupts the way urine is held in the bladder- resulting in leakage (incontinence). What is the impact on incontinence after brachytherapy?

Dr. Brian Moran of the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center recently sat with four prostate cancer survivors who were treated using Cesium-131 brachytherapy to discuss their experience, or lack thereof, with incontinence following their procedure.

“I knew that incontinence can seemingly be an issue following surgery as well as infection,” says prostate cancer survivor Norm Long. “These symptoms are zero to none with brachytherapy. I will speak for the other three on this panel, none of us had an issue with incontinence following our procedure.”

Norm had an advanced cancer and was treated with brachytherapy seeds, external beam radiation, and hormone therapy. “The only side effect I had following my procedure was fatigue, and that could have been due to the anti-androgens or external beam,” says Norm. “My wife would love to have my bladder because she is the one usually searching for a bathroom.

New Research on Cesium-131 Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium-131 Presented at ASTRO

With over ten years of data on Cesium-131, researchers continue to study its value in powering modern brachytherapy.  ASTRO 2020 showcased multiple new e-posters and papers that can now be easily accessed online.   A Matched Pair Analysis Of Clinical Outcomes...

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