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Even when faced with aggressive prostate cancer, know ALL of your treatment options

It bears repeating: in recent conversations with multiple prostate cancer survivors and the physicians that treat them, we hear again and again how important it is for patients to know about all of their options if they want to receive effective treatment while maintaining the best quality of life possible.

In this short video, prostate cancer survivor Norm Long discusses his experience including his discovery of brachytherapy as an effective treatment option for aggressive prostate cancer.

“I’m a numbers guy,” Norm says. “I had the time to do research. My urologist suggested DaVinci robotic surgery. But what’s the collateral damage?”

“Brachytherapy sounded so simple. But it was explained to me that, because of my aggressive cancer, that [brachytherapy] wasn’t an option.”

For Norm, it turns out that was not true.

Thanks to the support group Norm attended, he was introduced to Dr. Brian Moran. After reviewing Norm’s situation and the scientific literature, Dr. Moran told him that he was indeed a candidate for brachytherapy.

“It has been easy; no complications, no unexpected consequences and I’m now five and a half years out” Norm says. “My PSA is below 1 and I’m considered cured for all intents and purposes.”

“I come to the support group meetings to help people like me. I’m the proof that this works and I can answer the personal questions.”

New Research on Cesium-131 Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium-131 Presented at ASTRO

With over ten years of data on Cesium-131, researchers continue to study its value in powering modern brachytherapy.  ASTRO 2020 showcased multiple new e-posters and papers that can now be easily accessed online.   A Matched Pair Analysis Of Clinical Outcomes...

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