“I was surprised by how easy it was.” – Carl Janssens, Prostate Cancer Survivor on Brachytherapy. “[After the treatment] we walked out and went home.”

Although scientifically well documented, not enough prostate cancer patients are aware of the efficacy and advantageous side effect profile of brachytherapy, particularly Cesium-131. [Click here to learn more about Cesium-131 brachytherapy]

“I had the procedure done on a Friday. The following Wednesday my wife, my two daughters and I went to the theater to see Hamilton,” says John Aguzino.

We are grateful to the four prostate cancer survivors and Dr. Brian Moran who joined us earlier this year at the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center to discuss treatment experiences in the interest of counseling and support for men recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“Once we sit down with a patient and review the pros/cons of the treatment options, most will look at us and ask why would we do any other procedure,?” says Dr. Brian Moran, Medical Director of the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center. “That’s the conclusion that a well-informed patient ubiquitously makes. Also consider that the total length of the procedure is 3 hours of physician time, including seeing the patient, physics planning, and the procedure itself. It’s very time efficient for both the provider and the patient. If you’re a candidate for seeds, it’s clearly the best option. And the majority of patients are suitable candidates.”

If you or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is imperative that you learn about all of your treatment options including brachytherapy. Doing so may increase your chances of becoming cancer free and enjoying the quality of life you want. Contact patienteducation@isoray.com for more information.