Silence is deadly

How The Silent Killer Documentary is acting as a platform to discuss prostate cancer health and the deadly consequences of avoiding regular exams.

“I was diagnosed at 46 and the cancer had already spread, was already advanced and inoperable. Had I gone and gotten tested 6 or 7 years earlier, none of this would have happened.” This is just one testimony of many shared on Monday, September 18th during the Atlanta screening of The Silent Killer Documentary.

One in five African-American men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer1– a statistic that is overwhelming fueled by the taboo associated with prostate health and too few men having regular examinations. A few members of the Isoray team were able to attend the screening of The Silent Killer documentary: a film that chronicles three African-American prostate cancer patients as they retell the story of their diagnosis, treatment and how their lives were impacted in the process.

Spearheaded by Landi Maduro and Chris Edwards, the documentary follows actor and producer, Ricco Ross, as he speaks with patients, survivors, and groups of African-American men battling with the decision to be examined for the first time. The film gives a holistic view of an African-American man’s experience learning about prostate cancer health and covers various topics including the Church’s role in educating their congregations about risk and how treatment may take a toll on a man’s mental health.

The men profiled in the documentary range in diagnosis from stage one to stage four prostate cancer. They candidly discuss their fears, concerns, and myths surrounding their prostate health, exams and what it means to change their lifestyle in order to live.

Isoray’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Michael Krachon, was a part of the Q&A panel following the screening of the documentary alongside the producers, one of the patients chronicled, and a local Physician – all urging men in the audience to be examined.

“This film provides real-world perspective on the importance of prostate cancer screening, and the potential impact of this deadly disease,” commented Mr. Krachon.  “All men, but especially African-American men need to take control of their own health and get screened.  And in the in event that men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, they need to learn about and consider all of their treatment options to identify what which treatment might be best for them.”

During the panel discussion, multiple men stood up and told their own story of battling prostate cancer. These stories were echoed by men proclaiming that they now would undergo prostate cancer screening for the first time because of the testimonies shared.

Isoray extends a huge congratulations and thank you to the Silent Killer Documentary for committing to a project that will surely impact the lives of many men. Every resource dedicated to educating men about the risk and treatment options associated with prostate cancer is a project that we support.

The Silent Killer team is currently touring the documentary throughout the United States. After the tour, the documentary will be available to the public. Visit their site and follow them on twitter to receive regular updates.

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and want to know about all of your available treatment options, including brachytherapy, please contact If you are a physician and would like to know more about how Cesium-131 may improve patient outcomes, email


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