Prostate cancer survivor Dave Ricordati: “Do your own homework.”

During Dave’s initial diagnosis for prostate cancer, his primary care physician and his urologist did not steer him toward brachytherapy.

“Assuming you are not going to hear all of your options from your physician, and you are kind of on your own, then I always suggest people do their own homework,” says Dave. “Which is exactly what we did.” So they took to the internet. His “pillar of strength,” Dave’s wife, worked alongside him to figure out all of his options.

In most conversations with physicians, following his own research, they all seemed to say the same thing: “Let’s take it out. We will take out your entire prostate and cure your cancer.” Then he visited the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center where Dr. Brian Moran had a different treatment option, without the harsh side effects of a prostatectomy. Brachytherapy.

Dave tells us his procedure lasted half of a day and after he was not tired, or in need of pain medication- he returned to work the following day. “When you say phrases like ‘quality of life’ over and over again they almost lose their meaning, says Dave. “But for me, this is what quality of life is.”

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