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WKYT: “Lexington cancer doctor saving women’s lives”

Jul 18, 2017

Cesium-131 Brachytherapy pioneer, Dr. Jonathan Feddock was recently featured by WKYT, leading the fight against recurrent gynecologic cancer.

“It’s estimated every six minutes in this country, a doctor diagnoses a woman with gynecologic cancer or cancer of the reproductive organs. Many go through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Now a Lexington cancer doctor is attracting national attention for offering a different treatment. For many of his patients, this treatment is a life saver.”

This is just a small excerpt from a story published this week by WKYT in Lexington, Kentucky,  featuring Cesium-131 pioneer Jonathan Feddock, MD along with cancer survivor, Annette O.

Annette’s first diagnosis of vaginal cancer was in March of 2013, where she was initially treated using external beam radiation therapy. In 2015, the cancer returned to the same area except this time it had spread. Annette was told by her oncologist that there was nothing more that they could do aside from chemotherapy, which would result in serious side effects, and even that would only buy her a few months.

“Annette had heard about a doctor at the Markey Cancer Center doing a different kind of radiation treatment for women with recurrent, gynecologic cancer,” says WKYT.

That procedure was Cesium-131 brachytherapy for recurrent gynecologic cancers and the physician was Dr. Jonathan Feddock. After meeting with Dr. Feddock, Annette was deemed a good candidate for the procedure and she took the opportunity.

WKYT writes: “She’d spent five years fighting vaginal cancer, and then lung cancer, enduring chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. She’s come a long way.”

“In the last year, word has spread about Dr. Feddock’s treatment and his success. Doctors from cities like Atlanta, Chicago, and Boston have had him train them on the procedure. And women from outside Kentucky, who have recurrent gynecologic cancer, have come to Lexington to see if they are a candidate for the radiation treatment. Is it a breakthrough? Dr. Feddock says more important than that, he’s offering women an option that could extend, even save their life. Just ask Annette.”

Her scans have been clear for one year now and she is even seen in the gym during the segment! “I would say that if you have been given no hope, or a recurrence where they are unable to do external beam radiation, this procedure is wonderful,” says Annette. “I am still here and I am able to enjoy life again.”


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