Isoray Patients Tell Their Stories

Herbert L


During Herbert’s initial diagnosis for localized prostate cancer, his physician advised that he see a urologist. After having tests run at the Chicago Prostate Cancer Center with Dr. Brian Moran, Herbert learned about his options for treatment, one of which was Cesium-131 brachytherapy seeding. With his options before him, Herbert decided that seeding would be the best course of treatment. After his procedure, Herbert experienced a quick recovery with minimal side effects and is still able to enjoy his favorite activities, biking, skiing and tennis, free of problems!

Herbert tells a story of a close friend who had a different treatment for his prostate cancer. His friend’s recovery time was twice as long as Herbert’s and still suffers from post procedure complications. “I highly recommend [brachytherapy with Cesium-131 for others with my condition],” says Herbert. “If it is feasible, do the seeding.”

Jack S


Jack S. visited Dr. Brian Moran after he found himself waking multiple times in the night to use the restroom. Initially his symptoms pointed to an infection so Dr. Moran prescribed antibiotics. It turned out, the antibiotics did not solve the problem of his frequent urination so he revisited Dr. Moran who then ran a prostate biopsy which found a small cancer mass. Dr. Moran went through treatment options with Jack, and recommended that because of the small size of the mass, brachytherapy would be a better option than surgery.

“I think this treatment is great,” Jack says. “I have had my prostate checked every six months since 2008 and I register 0’s each time. I would absolutely recommend brachytherapy to friends battling prostate cancer.”

Annette O


Annette is a two time cancer survivor. Her first diagnosis of vaginal cancer was in March of 2013. She was initially treated using external beam radiation. In 2015 Annette the cancer returned to the same area except this time it had spread.

Annette was told by her oncologist that there was nothing more that they could do aside from chemotherapy which would result in serious side effects and even that would only buy her a few months. She then recommended that Annette see Dr. Jonathan Feddock with the University of Kentucky. He was doing a new radiation procedure with great success. That procedure was Cesium-131 brachytherapy for recurrent gynecologic cancers. After meeting with Dr. Feddock, Annette was deemed a good candidate for the procedure and she took the opportunity.
She was awake throughout the procedure and was able to go home that same day. She admits the only side effect she suffered was slight fatigue, but it was not close to the high levels of fatigue she felt while being treated with external beam radiation.

Her scans have been clear for one year now and she even plans to go back to work soon!

“I would say that if you have been given no hope, or a recurrence where they are unable to do external beam radiation, this procedure is wonderful,” says Annette. “I am still here and I am able to enjoy life again.”

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

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