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Developing Seed Brachytherapy and Medical Radioisotope Applications for the Treatment of Multiple Cancers

Dec 28, 2016

Thomas LaVoy, CEO Isoray, Inc

Tom LaVoy, CEO Isoray, Inc

Earlier this month, Isoray Chairman of the Board and CEO Tom LaVoy spoke with SNNLive about our Cesium-131 brachytherapy solution for multiple types of cancer at the LD Micro “Main Event” 2016 in Bel Air, CA.

Tom and SNN host Shelly Kraft discussed in detail the proven benefits of Isoray’s Cesium-131 brachytherapy for prostate cancer as well as nascent applications and results for brain, head and neck and gynecologic cancers.

“Isoray is fully committed to realizing the value-based potential for Cesium-131 brachytherapy for cancer treatment,” LaVoy says. “Its efficacy continues to reveal itself in the scientific literature for multiple cancer types, in the improvement in the quality of lives for our patients and in the reduction of associated hospital days and clinical visits required with other treatment options including surgery. I am confident we will see it near, if not achieve, standard of care status in multiple indications.”

With a shorter half-life and higher energy than other commonly used radioisotopes, Cesium-131 by Isoray has been shown to be a highly effective cancer treatment. In specific relation to prostate cancer,, Cesium-131 treatment can accelerate recovery and return PSA to baseline according to multiple peer-reviewed studies. Read more.

Isoray’s patented Cesium-131 technology received FDA clearance in 2003 and was named one of 2006’s 100 most technologically significant products by R&D Magazine. In 2010, the company was recognized within the IRS Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Program (QTDP), which is a project of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

You can view the interview in its entirety here.


If you are an investor interested in learning more about Isoray and its market potential inclusive of treatment for hundreds of thousands of cancer patients in the United States and Europe, contact Thomas LaVoy, Chairman and CEO, at