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Cesium Blu™ – a proven, minimally invasive treatment designed to treat a variety of cancers with precision.

A diagnosis is the first step towards treating your cancer.
With the many advances and options in cancer treatment, determining what is right for you can feel overwhelming.

Isoray is here to help.

We’re committed to providing a powerful, proven treatment while connecting you with the very best care teams available.

Isoray - Proven, Personalized, Precise

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A diagnosis is just the first step toward treating your cancer. We are here to help you make an informedtreatment decision with your doctor so you can begin living your life again.

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Cesium Blu - Cs-131

Brachytherapy with Cesium Blu™

Proven  •  Personalized  •  Precise

Years of Data

Patients Treated

Day Half Life

Targets Cancer

Treats cancer at the source

High Energy

Higher energy, greater coverage

Short Half-Life

Shorter half-life for rapid resolution of side-effects

Quick recovery time for most patients

Quick recovery time for most patients

Isoray with Cesium-131 can treat Prostate, Head and Neck, Lung, Brain and Gynecological cancers

“Cesium-131 provides everything we want for prostate brachytherapy as both a monotherapy and in combination therapy, including delivery of a high dose of radiation more quickly for high risk patients in a low dose rate ‘setting.’”

Dr. Bernard W. Taylor

Texas Oncology - Longview Cancer Center

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Isoray develops innovative, personalized brachytherapy products that effectively treat many forms of cancer.


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My Question is Why?

My Question is Why?

By Dr. Ronald M. BenoitDepartment of Urology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Why would a clinician be hesitant to use Cesium-131 to treat prostate cancer? I would venture to say the likely answer is the data that speaks to its benefits...

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