Innovative Technologies for Treating Cancer at the Source

More doctors than ever trust the power of Cesium Blu by Isoray to target cancer at its source and help patients get back to living their lives.

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Consider Multiple Treatment Options

Learn about brachytherapy, the benefits of Cesium Blu, and how to find a doctor near you.

Doctors & Clinicians

Powerful Options for Treating Cancer

Clinicians are switching to Cesium Blu for treating prostate cancer and other cancers throughout the body.

Patients & Families

Find a Doctor Near You

A diagnosis is just the first step toward treating your cancer. We are here to help you make an informed treatment decision with your doctor so you can begin living your life again.

Brachytherapy with Cesium Blu

Learn about the  brachytherapy and talk to your doctor if it’s an option for you.

The Terms of Brachytherapy

Learning the basic terms and abbreviations can help when talking to your doctor.

Why Cesium Blu by Isoray?

Doctors around the country use Cesium Blu by Isoray to treat a wide range of cancers.

Modern brachytherapy starts here.

With higher energy and a shorter half-life than competitors, Cesium Blu is proven to be a highly customized and effective treatment for the rapid recovery of patients in the fight against prostate cancer.

Years of Data

Patients Treated

Day Half Life

“Cesium provides everything we want for prostate brachytherapy as both a monotherapy and in combination therapy, including delivery of a high dose of radiation more quickly for high risk patients in a low dose rate ‘setting.’” 

Dr. Bernard W. Taylor

Texas Oncology - Longview Cancer Center

Doctors & Clinicians

Built for real-time planning.

The Blu Build Real-Time Loader allows clinicians to build custom brachytherapy strands in the OR, utilizing Cesium Blu seeds. This intuitive device can be utilized in a hand-held or tabletop fashion and is disposable.

The Cesium Pioneers Blog

The latest data, interviews with doctors and stories from Cesium-131 patients.

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

New Research on Cesium Blu Presented at ASTRO

With over ten years of data on Cesium Blu, researchers continue to study its value in powering modern brachytherapy.  ASTRO 2020 showcased multiple new e-posters and papers that can now be easily accessed online.   A Matched Pair Analysis Of Clinical Outcomes...

The Big Reason Why One Team Switched to Cesium Blu Brachytherapy

The Big Reason Why One Team Switched to Cesium Blu Brachytherapy

 “The potential to smooth out our workflow and increase our potential candidate pool for the procedure given the ability to do brachytherapy with Cesium Blu prior to EBRT is a compelling motivation for adding it to our prostate cancer treatment arsenal,”- Dr. Bobby...